Friday, November 16, 2012

Hunter's Shower

In August, we got to spend the weekend in Clarendon celebrating the upcoming birth of my first nephew, Hunter Wann!

The kids had the best time swimming and just being did the adults, minus the swimming! Being together is priceless and I love every minute of it!

and so did this girl!

 All the grandkids in order of age

 The newest additions

 Then, we decided to get creative! 

 Colt- this pic may not be your favorite in years to come, but I adore it! 

 Mama Coy and Emma

 4 generations

  The whole crew (Hunter is in the picture just hadn't made his debut yet!) 

Love, love, love them all! We are so blessed! 


We took in the rest of the XIT festivities (or as many as we could). The boys loved every minute! 

 The parade might be my favorite part of the weekend!

 Parker and Grey Petersen were there to enjoy it with us! So fun!

Sweet girl slept through it!

 Rozann- I'm not sure if they had the right technique, but I will keep working on them! 

 We met up with some wonderful friends at the rodeo. I couldn't get one with all the kids looking but could there be any more handsome boys! 

So, then it is time for the nickel scramble where all the kids can go into the arena and pick up nickels....Colt heads out. Can you find him? 
 Here let me give you a hint...

 He is right in the middle of the group not picking up nickels.
 Still not picking anything up...
He didn't walk away with any nickels but the memories are priceless!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Britches Rodeo

What can I has been crazy! I am well over a month behind but these pictures have to be posted. My plan is to have this blog printed for my kids, so I don't care how far behind I am...I am going to get it posted eventually!

Enough with the excuses...I will get back on track. The last weekend in July was the Little Britches Rodeo. My cousins, sisters, and I have so many wonderful memories of Little Britches and the pictures to prove it! The boys had one year under their belt and Rett had his game face one! My child who never wants to wear shorts insisted this Saturday morning that he wanted to wear his tennis shoes and shorts to be fast, fast, fast.

What a blessed time we had!
Ready to cheer on her brothers! 

Grand Entry

Barrel Racing

The horse was hard to control....

But he finished strong

Rett had his game face on

Colt kept staring at the pretty ladies under the tent

Taking a break to roll down the hill

"Momma, I be weady in one minute"

Thanks, Aunt Allie, for coming to watch!
What handsome guys!
The hotter it got the farther the hat went back...I tried to discourage the black felt hat. 

She's a pro! 

Waiting patiently for the awards

Still happy as can be

Colt was excited about his ribbon!

The tireder he got the more the hat started to sit cock-eyed

He was beyond excited!

2nd place barrels and 3rd place poles